Microwave Station

My main interest is operation on the microwave bands. My stationary microwave station is operated fully remote.
For the higher bands (10, 24, 47, 76 GHz) I also have portable equipment.

In January 2016 a fire close to my remote shack partly destroyed the station but the antenna tower was intact. After some time figuring how to become qrv again I decided to completely rebuild  the station for fully remote operation.

After several month of planning, I had som new ideas how to realize the new Remote Station.

  • Building a new Mini shack hanging on the rotating 20 m tower
  • Putting my two dishes, one 3m & 1,6 m offset on separate elevators using the same elevator structure.
  • Replacing my old base band (28-30 MHz) transceiver with a Flex 6600 with
    much better Remote Operation and transverter support capability.
  • Replacing the old 2,4 GHz WiFi communcation link with a MikroTik 5 GHz link.
  • Using a hardware USB-Ethernet server for remote Azimuth/Elevation Indication.
  • Using two Ethernet-Relay comtrollers for transverter/PA/Power supply switching.