I started with Amateur radio in 1965 with a Hallicrafter shortwave receiver and crystal controlled CW transmitter. After some years on shortwave I become interested in operating on 2 m. I built a receive konverter from a kit and a crystal controlled transmitter with QQE03/12 tube as final amplifier.

This started my interest for the higher frequency bands. At that time, building your own equipment was the only way to become qrv on VHF/UHG. In 1985 I built my first 10 GHz transverter with waveguide parts. The raising satellite TV industri made low noise FET trasistors available and I designed a new transverter with FETs  with a modular design with a separate ratrace mixer
for the RX and TX. 3 FETs in the RX and 3 FETs in the TX with the impressive output power of 200mW into a 90 cm dish.

In 1987 I moved to my present QTH in the countryside. I raised a 27 m rotatable tower. The new QTH was not perfect for stationary microwave operation. A hill 60 m higher than at my QTH made operation i direction west almost impossible.
During the next 12 years I was qrt due to the increasing numbers of family members and thus lack of time for Ham Radio.
In 2003 I started up Ham Radio again. In order to improve the ability to operate on the Microwave bands I got a permission to rase a new tower on the nearby hilltop. A 20 m rotatable tower at 227 m a.s.l with 360 degree free horizon. A small cottage close to the new tower was used as remote qth. I also installed a WiFi 2,4 GHz link in order to control the remote station from my house over the distance of 510 m.